About Me

First and foremost I enjoy and love life and am filled with gratitude for all it offers. Celebrating the outdoor world through active recreation and contemplative pursuits enables me to appreciate and gain a better understanding of our natural world as well as connecting with my spirit. It’s a privilege I’m grateful for each day.

My image-making adventures began with photograms and a pinhole camera, followed by B&W & color film processing & associated print making. Digital imaging has now opened up vast new horizons for interpreting the world I live in.

I am educated as an engineer and have worked in the environmental sector as a professional engineer. Additionally, I ran a successful home remodeling business. Recently, I retired from New Mexico's Air Quality Bureau.

I live and celebrate now, the only time in my life that's “real”. I’m reminded of this each week with my grandkids--they only know about living in the moment; yesterday & tomorrow are concepts of society, not something they were born understanding. Sharing special moments in their lives and capturing once in a lifetime events through photography allows me to continue to explore and perhaps gain a better understanding of myself and the universe.


Bird, wildlife and landscape photography provide a fascinating and enduring challenge. Capturing a moment in time in the lives of any of the trillion living things on earth is magical. Extraordinary light on the subject and the landscape is the key ingredient to this endeavor. Photography teaches me patience, persistence and attention to detail. I see the world as it is for me at the moment the shutter is pressed. This meaning for photography for me is therefore always changing based on my ability to live in “that” moment.

Through photography I have had the unexpected pleasure of euphoric happiness that transcends time. I am continually amazed at how time seems to “stand still” when I am in the moment capturing a bird, flower, tree or landscape. I’m transported out of my body into the soul of the scene.

In my life, I consciously choose the blissfulness of joy & happiness over the drudgery of sadness & misery. The latter has come to dominate our news and society. Focusing on positive, enriching moments has proven quite rewarding. We are attracted to what we feel & believe. I love the joy of discovery and the journey I’m on. Living in the “now” is life!

Enjoy & Thank You for Visiting!